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Junior Girl Scouts are in 4th and 5th Grade or (approximately 8-11).  Junior Scouts primarily work on Badge Work, Service Projects, The Signs, Junior Aide Award and most importantly their Bronze Award.

As a leader, it is important to look at the requirements of the Bronze Award, as many of the badges fulfill the requirements.  Click here for information and requirements on earning the Bronze Award.  You will also need to check with your local Girl Scout Council.  Often there is a ceremony, certificate or some type of paperwork for after your troop has completed their Bronze Award.

Junior Girl Scouts should be taking on more of a leadership role within your troop.  They should be conducting (with your direction) the opening ceremony of your meeting.  They should lead the pledge, promise and choosing the songs.  One of the first things your Junior Girl Scouts will do is choose the Troop Crest.  Your girls will also wear their crests for as Cadette and Senior Scouts.

NOTE:  You will not find ANY information on the GSUSA site about the meaning behind each Crest.  However,  you can find the information by clicking here.

For meetings, you MUST have 2 Adults for every 25 girls, plus one adults for every 10 girls.  For events, field trips and camping, you must have 2 Adults for every 16 girls.  You may add 8 girls per additional adult.  For additional adult to Brownie Girl Scout ratio (including swimming trips) check your Safety Wise.

Juniors earn Badges, and you can order them from GSUSA here, and see requirements here.  Traditionally, the first badge you should complete is Girl Scouts In the USA.    

Leader to Leader Moment: Unlike the Brownie Try-Its which are a lot of fun, many of the Junior Badges seemed to be a lot like schoolwork to our girls.  We’ll be uploading some of our ideas for each badge on how we made it more fun.  We’re hoping the Junior Journey program takes these feeling into mind when creating their curriculum.  

At the end of 5th Grade, Brownies Fly Up to Cadettes.

Looking for a specific Junior or Ceremony?  Use our search button.

If you have a question – feel free to post one here.


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