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Journeys is a new program, just implemented in Fall 2008 for all ages of Girl Scouts.  While the complete program will not be fully implemented until 2011, it’s important for leaders to know the 3 Leadership Keys and the 15 national outcomes for girls.  Click here to read these.

The Official USA Girl Scout site gives a lot more information.  A general overview can be found here.  There is a video on the site, but after viewing it, it seems more like a commercial for the program than hard information, and not really necessary since this seems to be the direction GS is going.

However, there is a very informative Frequently Asked Questions page, and you can view it by clicking here.

Journeys was introduced to leaders in the Fall 2008 edition of Leader Magazine page 34-37. Click here to read it online.   

There will be quite a few changes, particularly with working on the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, but that information won’t be available until Spring 2009.  2008 through 2010 will be considered “transition years”, so no worries that your earlier work will not count.

As Jennifer and Jill work through the program, we’ll give you more opinions, thoughts and suggestions on how to implement this in your troop.


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