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Getting Started

I know it isn’t glamorous, but the first part of getting your troop started is forms.  You will need to check with your Council for the specific forms you’ll need, but for sure you’ll need to fill our the GS Adult Registration (blue) and include your $10.00.  There will probably also be forms for background checks, Leader Agreements and Driver Information. 

For you girls, there will be the $10.00 Girl Registration form (green), health form and general permission slip.  You will also need to know how each girl will be getting home.  Personally, we do not release a girl until we visually see a parent/guardian or a sibling.

Other forms may include:

  • Bank Forms (and setting up an account)
  • Place of Meeting forms
You will always want to get your copy of Safety-Wise as soon as possible.
Your Council should provide plenty of opportunities for training, both age level as well as first aid/CPR.  These are a must.  Later, you will see opportunities for camp training, and specialized events like trip planning, ceremonies, etc.  Giving up a Saturday or a weeknight can be a sacrifice, but not only will you get valuable information, but often you will network with other leaders that can often be more valuable the training.
Your first training can be taken online by going here discover is the password.

For planning, look under the “Getting Started” category.  And as always, if you have questions, feel free to ask them below and we’ll help however we can. 


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