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Brownie Girl Scouts are in 2nd and 3rd Grade or (approximately 6-8).  Brownie Scouts primarily work on Try-Its and Service Projects.

Brownies will enjoy hearing leaders or older girls read both the traditional and modern version of the Brownie Elf – the story that teaches girls what scouting is all about.  Doing a good deed every day and leaving the world a better place.

A favorite song for Brownies is the Brownie Smile Song.

For meetings, you MUST have 2 Adults for every 20 girls, plus one adults for every 8 girls.  For events, field trips and camping, you must have 2 Adults for every 12 girls.  You may add 6 girls per additional adult.  For additional adult to Brownie Girl Scout ratio (including swimming trips) check your Safety Wise.

At the end of 3rd Grade, Brownies Fly Up to Juniors.

Looking for a specific Brownie Try-It or Ceremony?  Use our search button.

If you have a question – feel free to post one here.


5 Responses

  1. you have posted some great ideas!! Will you be posting anymore soon? I would love to read all about the try-its you have done with your troop!!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Karen. Yes, in fact Jennifer and I were just talking about the fact that we needed to get some more posted. We’ve probably done most by this time : ) Is there a specific one you’d like us to post first?

  2. oh, my goodness, where to start . . .
    We will be working on Ready, Set, Go Camping, Building Art, Stitching it Together, Math Fun, both Science try-its, Me & My Shadow, Dancersize, Numbers & Shapes, Her Story. Any ideas would be fabulous!! Thanks!!

  3. Also, journey ideas . . . thanks!

  4. Thanks for this great website! I began one similiar to this a couple years ago when my Daisies were bridging to Brownies, but I got busy and didn’t post more than my first bridging Try-It, Science In Action. I’m a huge believer in sharing information and if it makes teaching a petal / try-it / bage /IPA easier, I’m all for it! Please keep posting, thanks!

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