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Bridging/Flying Up Multi-Level Ceremony

The ceremony incorporates Daisies, Brownies and Juniors all moving on to the next level.  Our troop has become multi-level because we add the younger sisters of current girls.  We’ve also done individual level ceremonies, and will post those at a late time.  We had two girls join us after our Investiture Ceremony in the Fall, so we caught those girls up at the end of this ceremony as well.

This ceremony does not include a flag ceremony, but that can easily be incorporated at the  beginning.

We hope you find this helpful!

Jill and Jennifer

Current Cadettes will act as chaperones throughout the ceremony.

Daisy Leader: Today we have three Daisy Girl Scouts who are ready to cross the bridge to become Brownie Girl Scouts. They bring with them two years of laughter, fun and discovery.  They are eager to join the Brownies, but first they have a special song for you.

Daisies – Sing Daisy Chain Song

Daisy Leader: As I call your name, you may cross the bridge to become a Brownie. (When all three have crossed, they will face the crowd on the other side.)

Daisy Leader: A special thanks to (insert names – we had Cadettes who helped with the Journey Book)  for leading these girls in their first Girl Scout Journey.  Congratulations New Brownies.

Junior Girl Scouts are surrounding Brownie Girl Scout to form two circles.

Brownie Leader: Since you have first stood at the magic pool, you have been exploring the world of Girl Scouting.

Brownies – Sing Brownie Smile Song

Brownie Leader: But now it’s time to say goodbye.  Break the ring, and out you fly.  (The Juniors drop hands and walk to the side – Cadettes step forward to lead them across the bridge.)  As I call your name, you may cross the bridge to become a Junior.

Cadette girls will hand out a candle to each Junior.  (These were white candles with silver bows.)

Junior Leader: We present to you a silver candle, which will symbolize your journey into Cadette Scouts and to begin your work on the Silver Award.  As Cadette Girl Scouts, you are challenged to look wider while always remembering to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, responsible for what you say and do, respectful of yourself and others, respectful of authority, wise in your use of resources, and always trying to make the world a better place while being a sister to every Girl Scout. If you are willing to accept this challenge please raise your right hand in the Girl Scout sign and say “I will.”

Juniors: I will.

Junior Leader: You are committed to (in a previous meeting, the girls chose a trait, wrote that word on poster board and decorated it.  The girls all signed the back and the girls will keep as a keepsake.  Girls will hold up their sign as Leader says the word – you can add words if you have more girls):

Personal Growth








The World

The Girl Scout Promise

Junior Leader: As I call your name, you may cross the bridge to become a Cadette.  Congratulations Girls, and congratulations on winning your Bronze Award (Our Council provides a Bronze/Silver/Gold Ceremony so we don’t have a formal ceremony here).

Investiture Leader: Those girls wishing to become Girl Scouts please come forward (say names).

Investiture Leader: Do you promise to serve God and your country, to help people at all times, and live by the Girl Scout Law?

Girls: We Do

Investiture Leader: Welcome to Girl Scouts

Afterwards we have refreshments and pass out any patches and certificates and make sure girls have information concerning camp, etc.


Daisy Chain Song

We’ve been asked to provide the words to Daisy Chain, it is sung to the tune of Hark The Herald Angels Sing.

Take my hand and form a chain

Down a Magic Daisy Lane.

Smile a friendly smile and say,

May I help someone today?

The girls love it, and we sing it at Investiture, Re/Dedication and it’s the last song they sing before bridging to Brownies.