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Last Minute Thanksgiving Activities

Last week, we posted a Plants Try It plan with a Thanksgiving Twist (It can also be easily adapted to Daisies) – here are some additional Thanksgiving ideas. 

We like to make our last meeting before Thanksgiving more of a party.  Typically, we don’t work on badges, etc.  Here are some fun, last minute activities you can do that tie into the Thanksgiving theme.

If you haven’t already made the Corn Meal playdough from our Plants Try It post, click here for the recipe.

Thankfulness Bag We start with an empty paper bag, with the works “I Am Thankful For…” with scraps of paper, markers, crayons and pencils.   Girls can write or draw things they are thankful for.  Afterwards, you can share these with the troop and parents.  It’s really neat to see what the girls value.

Corn Husk Dolls – This is a fun activity because it really ties in with the law Using Resources Wisely.  In the past, people didn’t waste a thing, and the husk from corn was no exception.  Dried corn husks can easily be found in the hispanic food section of most grocery stores.  Here is a great link to make your doll.  Our girls really enjoyed this activity.

Corn Graphing – You can reinforce math skills already taking place in the classroom by graphing.  We provided three types of corn – popcorn, cream corn and candy corn for the girls to taste.  Then we had the girls raise their hands (they could also fill in for themselves on the graph) for which of the corn was their favorite.  Then create a simple graph.  Here is an example of an empty graph sheet (although there are many more choices than we provided).  

Hats here is a link for pilgrim hats.  You can also let the girls choose to make Native American hats by providing feathers, etc.   

Knitting Iris has a cute picture of a leaf turkey.  You can easily tie this into the Leaf Hunt Activity #4 from the Plants Try It (page 123).  





Little Nummies has a great snack idea.  Check it out here.  littlenummiesacorns


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