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Your First Meeting

The following meeting can be adapted for both Daisies and Brownies.

Pre-Activity: Trefoil Name Tags
Cut out trefoils out of paper (cardstock would be a bit more durable) hole punch and allow the girls to color and practice writing their name.  Click here for the trefoil pattern.


  • Flag Salute
  • The Promise
When doing the Promise, it may be helpful to stand with your back to the girls so that they can see which hand to raise for the Girl Scout Promise and the flag salute.
  • Learn about the The Quiet Sign

Show and explain to the girls the meaning of the Quiet Sign.  Practice this with the girls a few times.  You can make this fun by asking them to visit or sing a song, but tell them they need to see how quickly they can get quiet when you show the quiet sign (making it into a game will make it memorable for them, and they will be more apt to remember it).

  • Sharing Activity with Yarn (Question: Name and where you go to school and your favorite color.)
Come to Girl Scouts with a ball of yarn. Have all of the girls and leaders sit in a circle.  You as the leader will start share time by holding the ball of yarn and saying your name and the name of the school you went to as a child.  Then take hold of the end piece of yarn and roll the ball of yarn to one of the girls (do not let go of your piece of yarn).  This girl will then say her name and school name and take hold of the yarn (she should not let go of her part of the yarn), then rolls the ball of yarn to another girl in the circle.  This will continue until every one has had a turn.  When completed the yarn should make a web or star design.  Ask the girls what they see in the patterns.  (This will only work if all of the girls take hold and keep hold of their part of the yarn.)  Even our Juniors still like playing this game.

Activity: Trefoil and Promise Fingers. Click this link here for the patterns.

Snack: S’mores with poem

Ingredients (and generic is always fine):

  • M&M’s
  • White mini marshmallows
  • Golden Grahams
  • Large Strong Ziplock Back
  • Small baggies for individual portions
As you pour each item in bags, recite these words:
M&M’s are different colors, this reminds us that we are all unique. As Girl Scouts we respect our differences.

I will respect myself and others

Marshmallows are soft and sweet, this reminds us to be softhearted.

I will be a sister to every Girl Scout

Golden Grahams show our friendships are treasures like gold, this reminds us that we are more than just friends we are sisters.

Be a sister to every Girl Scout

You can go around the circle and let each girl give the bag a few gentle shakes, then pass out for individual servings.

Clean-Up: Talk about one of the GS Laws is to make the world a better place.

Ask the girls how cleaning up helps to make the world a better place.  You may want to sing a special song at clean up time or listen to a special song each week as you straighten your meeting area.

Sing: Daisy Chain or Brownie Smile Song

Play: Daisy to Daisy or Brownie to Brownie or Girl Scout to Girl Scout

Closing: Teach the Girl Scout Friendship Circle and friendship squeeze

GIRL SCOUT FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE AND SQUEEZE:  Girls stand in a circle.  Each girl crosses her right hand over her left.  Then she holds hands with the  person standing  on either side of her.  Tap one girl on the back to start the squeeze.  She will gently squeeze the hand of the girl next to her.  This will go on and on until the squeeze returns to the original girl.  You may have to follow along in the circle a few times until the girls get the hang of it.  Over the years, our girls have added other things, like putting in your right foot if you’re happy – it’s whatever your girls make it!

For a More Permanent Name Tag:

Use foam for the cut out the trefoil. There are badge backings that are peel and stick. Then write on name with a sharpie.


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