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How Meetings Are Structured

This is the basic structure of any Girl Scout Meeting, and can be adjusted for your troop.

1.  Pre-Activities – Since girls don’t always arrive on time – this is something for the girls to do when they arrive with little help from leaders.  For younger scouts it can be games, coloring sheets or jumping rope.  By the time the girls reach Cadette, they usually enjoy just sitting around and chatting.  If your meeting area has a playground – this is a great alternative for a few minutes to burn access energy.

2.  Opening – This is the official beginning to your meeting.  We usually follow this order:

  • Flag Ceremony
  • Recite The Girl Scout Promise
  • Songs
3.  Business – The basic running of your troop – due collection, attendance, vote, brainstorm ideas, etc.

4.  Activity – This is your main activity of the day.  Could be a service project, making a craft, working on a petal, Try-It or Badge.

5.  Snack – Fun and important to girls of all ages – get the girls involved!  We try to incorporate our snack to correspond to what we’re doing in the activity.  See snacks for examples.

6.  Clean-Up – Some troops use Kaper Charts, we prefer to have the girls just clean up as we go.  The important part is that the girls need to understand cleaning up is THEIR responsibility (not the leaders) and that they are to leave the facility even better than how they found it (Leave The World A Better Place).

7.  Announcements – Reminder of upcoming activities, pass out notes, etc.

8.  Closing – We always try to have an “official” close to our meeting.  We usually do:
  • Friendship Squeeze
  • Friendship Circle
9.  Post-Activities – Not all parents are exactly on time, or you may need to collect permission slips, dues or talk to parents, so it’s best to have a few activities for after the meeting.  A favorite for our girls is the Telephone Game.  If you have a mixed age level troop, older girls are a great help with this.

Emergency Activities – It’s always good to have a few easy and quick activities to do just in case!

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